TOSYS Group aims to be the “Number One” company in Koh-Shin-Etsu-area that provides advanced technology and reliable services that are selected by all customers in the information and communication technology field. In addition, we will pursue high quality every day, that exceeds customer expectations with various expertise and deep knowledge of all employees, and we will continue to move forward as the most trusted partner.

TOSYS Group started as a telephone construction company in 1960, and has made great strides synchronously with the sophistication of information and communication networks. Currently, we can build up all information networks at all layers, from civil engineering work to cloud services, that make full set of ICT.  And as a Gold Partner of Microsoft, we are steadily growing as a company that can respond to customers’ ICT and DX (Digital Transformation) needs.

The progress of ICT in the world has begun to accelerate dramatically, and the information network that connect corporate business to business is changing to a very sophisticated one that always require extremely high security. We believe that it is our mission to respond flexibly and promptly to these new technologies and to provide our customers with a safe and secure network construction. In addition, we will improve the quality and technology of construction work by actively incorporating new technologies while considering environmental issues.

While continuing to focus on Koh-Shin-Etsu-area, however, TOSYS will meet the expectations of all stakeholders, including customers, local municipality, and shareholders, so that we can be recognized as a reliable and sincere partner for customers around the world.

We will continue to maintain our ardent passion for digital revolution and transformation work together with our stakeholders. Your continued patronage and support are greatly appreciated.

President and Chief Executive Officer,