Business Outline

Communication Business

Our Information & Telecommunication Facility construction coherently supports for safe and secure to the communications infrastructures from the design to construction and maintenance which is now an integral part of our life.  We also engage in recovery work in times of disaster.

Mobile Business

We design, construct, test and maintain mobile radio base stations needed for communications in mobile device such as smartphones.  In addition, we conduct a consultation including negotiation of sites.

IT Business

IT Business provides the projection, design, construct and maintenance support of solution with cutting-edge technology corresponding to social change and as your needs.  We also provide Internet access line (TOSYS HIKARI). 

Cloud Business

Livestyle supports to use the Cloud. 

Engineers with extensive experience in installation construct your desired environment through installation to operation. 

Electrical Facility・Communication Business

Our electrical services provide design, construction and maintenance at various places like public facilities and agencies, offices and factories.

With our rich experience and technology on information and communication facility construction, our communication services integrally provide design, construction and maintenance of communications infrastructures constructions to companies, government offices and public facilities.