Corporate Philosophy

We contribute to the prosperous future development in which human and technology fuse with one another.

Management policy

-We will put “the trust of customers” first and will provide ongoing service with higher technological skills and qualities. 
-We will define Information and Communication Technology as a pillar and will develop a wide range of business for creating infrastructure system comprehensively.
-We will practice our corporate mission with cooperative companies as a team and will seek to reinforce the business structure and assure security. 
-We will respect individuality and ability of each person and will create new corporate culture vibrant with youthfulness and vigorousness.
-We will contribute to the development in local community.

Guideline for action

-We will make effort to think and act from customer’s perspective to be respected and accepted.
-We will continue to challenge ourselves toward newer objectives.
-We will take action with our own decision and responsibility with proud.
-We will accomplish what needs to be done in order to protect our own life and important facilities.
-We will improve ourselves aiming to be good business persons 

Safety Charter

-Safety is the top priority on management.
-Safety is our best product to obtain social trust.
-Safety is secured in the best environment and the best equipment.
-Safety is achieved by repetitive complete basic action without exception.